Sex Offender to be Released in Birnamwood

A sex offender is set to be released on 12/23/2014 and will reside in Birnamwood.

Jackson Carpenter will reside at N8995 Bluebird Road, Birnamwood. He was convicted in 1993 of second degree sexual assault of a child. He sexual assaulted a 13 year old female acquaintance with force. He has a history of sexually assaulting minor females with force.

Upon release, he will be placed on intensive supervision and subject to the GPS with enhanced procedures for any violation. He will be restricted to his residence with exceptions that are approved by the supervising agency.

He is required to register with the Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry Program for life.
If you have any questions regarding Mr. Carpenter, please contact Detective Troy Ugoretz at 715-526-7934.

Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry

Jackson Carpenter - sex offender mugshot


Very upsetting to me. As he will be living right next door. I feel like we should of been notified personally not by Facebook. I will do everything necasary to protect my family. The department of corrections never even notified our town chairman or superviser that shawNo county was releasing him in our town.

They should dig a moat around B-wood and change the name to Pediph-isle and send all sex offenders there.

Give his a-- the a bullet and say farewell!!!

Why is it that when a convicted sex offender is released into a community, the community is notified. However, when a registered sex offender moves into a new community, no one knows until after the "alledged" sexual assaults start again? No one publically notified Shawano that a registered sex offender (Darwin Davis) moved into their community. Then, was there a newspaper article, after he was charged with Repeated Sexual Assault of a Child, to warn the community that he moved back to Antigo? NO.

I live right down the road from this guy what makes me think my children and surrounding children will be safe. There is no guarantee this creep will not do this again he does not belong free.

I'm sure every parent who sends their child to West Elementary School shares your concerns, as Darwin Davis lives literally next to the school.

how the hell is that legal?

The State of Wisconsin does not have any formal rules as to restrictions for convicted sex offenders & where they live. It's up to each municipality & obviously, Antigo has never addressed the situation. I hope, for the communities' sake, it doesn't take another set of charges, such as the ones he is facing in Shawano County (Repeated Sexual Assualt of a Child), before our city leaders make some rules as to where these perverts can live.

Darwin Davis (a lifetime registered sex offender) is living in a rental property next to West Elementary School. The question I have is for the landlord.
Why in the HELL did you rent this home to a registered sex offender? Is money so important to you, that you would potentially put the cummunity's innocent children at risk?
What ever happened to background checks? In 5 minutes on the internet, you would have seen he was convicted in 2000 of 2nd degree sexual assault of a child & is currently charged with the same offense again in Shawano County.

The property owner is Lyda M. Davis

That explains a lot. That's his mother. She is the one who posted his bail when he was arrested again, while out on bail for the sexual assault charge. The 2nd set of charges are possession of narcotics, bail jumping, & a convicted felon in possession of a handgun.

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